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The pandemic accelerates online shopping on fashion

Fashion e-commerce has experienced rapid growth under the acceleration of the epidemic. In 2020, the only winner in the fashion industry was e-commerce. If you inquire about the investment news of fashion e-commerce companies during the epidemic, you will be surprised by their number.

Cost-effective clothing and home furnishing

Not long ago, Jane, an American clothing and home accessories trading platform, received a $40 million investment. This is the first investment of the e-commerce company. Jane was founded in 2011, focusing on providing women with fashion clothing, accessories, home accessories and children’s clothing and other products. This is an e-commerce company that relies on the rise of female consumers.

Through e-commerce platforms and apps, Jane helps brick-and-mortar and online businesses connect consumers, and consumers use Jane to achieve a very affordable shopping experience. The continuous improvement of product categories and customer shopping experience during the epidemic has also significantly increased consumers’ number on the platform. Like other cutting-edge e-commerce companies, Jane has grown rapidly in recent years. It is reported that Jane will use this investment to expand product categories, strengthen online business and expand international markets.

If you look carefully, those fashion e-commerce companies that can successfully develop rapidly in 2020 all have dedicated vertical fields, unique advantages and precise positioning.

Focus on luxury products

The German luxury e-commerce company GmbH, which submitted a listing application to the NYSE at the end of 2020, focuses on the luxury sector. Mytheresa started as an ordinary luxury shop in Munich, Germany, and later developed into a luxury e-commerce company with a well-developed online luxury business.

The luxury buyer store’s experience in the early years gives it a massive advantage in the luxury market, with more than 250 luxury brands in cooperation. The bright prospects of the Chinese luxury goods market have also attracted the attention of the e-commerce company. Recently, the fashion e-commerce company has been very active in marketing and promotion in the Chinese market.

B2B trading platform linking merchants and designers

The French B2B trading platform Ankorstore promotes cutting-edge fashion brands and physical retailers. The e-commerce platform specializes in connecting cutting-edge designer brands and physical retailers to build a “bridge” for them. At the beginning of December last year, Ankorstore received up to 25 million euros investment.

Second-hand clothing

Fashion e-commerce companies that focus on using second-hand recycled goods have also developed well during the epidemic. ThredUp, a US fashion second-hand clothing consignment platform, submitted an IPO application in October last year. It is expected to raise 200 to 300 million US dollars.

ThredUp is known as the world’s largest second-hand trading platform. It focuses on providing users with consignment services of second-hand clothing. In addition to ordinary customers, it has also established partnerships with many retailers, such as Wal-Mart and ThredUp. ThredUp has also reached strategic cooperation with Macy’s, J.C. Penney and other shopping malls to help shopping malls deal with second-hand clothing.


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