Guide to utilising Megaways bonuses and offers

The gaming industry has changed significantly over the years and especially when the internet became more freely available. Gone are the days of sitting in a smokey old casino and playing the old-fashioned slots. Slot games used to be exiled to the dark corners of the casino and weren’t seen as the fun and exciting games they are today. Now the big and bulky physical machines are gone, slot games are a lot more fun!

The internet has breathed new life into this corner of the industry and it has been given a much-needed revamp. Thanks to gaming companies such as Megaways, slot games are now some of the most popular games out there. The old and heavy machines are gone and have been replaced with fun graphics and themes.

History of Megaways

Megaways slots are the innovation created by Big Time Gaming back in 2017. Big Time Gaming, as the name suggests, are a huge name in the game development industry.

They were founded way back in 2011 by the Australian Nik Robinson whose astute business knowledge has led to the brands success. Nik started out in the industry in 1996 when he founded New Tech Media. This was then sold on New Crop who then merged with Orbis before becoming Openbet.

After all of this selling and merging, Nik settled on setting up Big Time Gaming in 2011 along with Huw McIntosh and Ian Schmidt who are CTO and creative director respectively.

Megaways changed the entire slot game industry as Robinson came up with a way to get the players more wins. Through Megaways slot games, there is now 117,649 ways to win – a literal game changer for players and game owners alike.

Robinson has continued to excel in the online gaming industry and has proved himself to be an innovator time and time again. In 2021, Big Time Gaming was acquired by Evolution which takes Robinson’s ideas and innovations to new heights once again.

Now you know that when you play a Megaways game, you’re playing the best of the best in the industry. This is somewhat unusual in an industry that often doesn’t benefit the player but, in this case, everyone is a winner.

What are Megaways slot games?

Slot games tend to mostly follow the same premise so what is it about Megaways slot games that separates them from the rest?

Prior to Megaways fruition, there were only a set few ways you could win on a slot game in order to win a prize. However, Megaways came up with an idea that changed all of that. The randomized modifier would change the number of the slot symbols that appear on your screen each time you hit the button or lever. This meant that the chances of getting a win increases as the number of sequences available is increased.

In simple terms, the more sequences available, the more likely you are the bag a winning one. This is how Megaways created games that now have 117,649 ways to win which is of huge benefit to the player.

With the odds in your favor, you’re bound to have a great time playing Megaways slot games. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take advantage of the great free game options. Most Megaways games will give you the option to try the game for free first – and why not?

This way, you get a feel for the game and what it’s about. You can decide whether you enjoy the theme and graphics of the game and can decide whether it’s something you’d enjoy playing with your own money.

And the free trials aren’t just saved for the less popular games either. You can play trending games such as Great Rhino Megaways, Monopoly Megaways and Power of Thor. There’s a Megaways game out there for all to enjoy – and hopefully to win!

Where to play Megaways games

When it comes to playing slot games online, making sure you’re on a trusted site is a number one priority. The biggest fear for users across the globe is entering their details only to have them either not work or go somewhere they shouldn’t.

Making sure you’re on a trusted site is imperative to make sure your details are safe and secure. Thankfully, the popularity of Megaways games mean that they’re available on almost all trusted platforms so you never have to miss a game.

You can gauge whether a gaming site is reputable or not by the following guidelines:

  • Reasonable account registration – as gaming involves real money, sites will often require a two-phase registration process. They will ask for all the normal things such as your name, email and phone number. With a reputable casino, this information will only be needed once before it is stored but if the site asks multiple times, it might not be safe to use.
  • Fast payouts – if a casino is asking you to wait months for a payout, chances are that it’s not trustworthy so it’s time to cut and run.
  • Certification & reviews – casino review sites are a great place to find reputable gaming sites and as different countries have different regulations, it’s best to find one in your area. Certification is also a great way to tell if a site is trustworthy or not. Check that your site is regulated by a third-party casino authority to guarantee your safety online.

Megaways games are not only super fun but also provide you with a higher chance of a win – what more could you ask for? Why not try one out for yourself and see if you can bag a win.

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