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Experts warn that Black Friday products are not as cheap as imagined

Although many British businesses want to use Black Friday to boost their sales performance, some companies, such as Next, M&S, Wilko and B&M, will not participate in Black Friday promotion. They told the BBC that they hope to change people’s consumption habits and pass on the idea that they will provide cheap and high-quality products throughout the year.

Simultaneously, some consumer experts warned that Black Friday products are not as cheap as imagined.

Consumer organization Which? compared the prices of 219 popular home furnishings and technology products in the first six months and the last six months of the Black Friday of 2019 and found that on average, only 1 out of 10 products was the cheapest.

Which? surveyed 219 products from Amazon,, Argos, Currys PC World and John Lewis, and found through a comparative analysis that 85% of the product prices may be cheaper six months before Black Friday or the price is the same as before Black Friday. In other words, on Black Friday, only 3 of the 219 items were the cheapest.

Which? gave a specific example. A Bose Quietcomfort headset sold by Currys PC World during Black Friday last year was 249 pounds, but in the six months before Black Friday, this headset was cheaper Or the same.

To avoid letting consumers fall into the scam of merchants, Which? specially summarized some shopping suggestions for your reference.

1. Research the products you want to buy, buy the right ones instead of cheap ones

According to experts’ experience, in the previous Black Friday, many consumers would fight in stores to snap up some goods they didn’t need at all.

In 2016, 18% of Black Friday shoppers bought directly without reading any reviews about the products they purchased. Experts recommend that consumers spend some time researching before purchasing to find the products they need most within your budget.

2. Be wary of some unknown brands

During the Black Five period, discounts were flooded everywhere, but many of them were confusing. If you want to buy a TV, don’t believe that its picture will be as good as some other well-known brand TVs just because of the “4K” and “HDR” logos.

Experts say that although not every brand you have never heard of is unreliable, some brands are household names, and there are reasons why some brands only pop up during the promotional season.

3. The lowest price of technology products may not be on Black Friday

Some technology products, including smartphones, TVs, and tablets, are released once a year. As long as new products are launched, the old models will become cheaper. Therefore, the lowest price of some products may not be on Black Friday.

4. Use price comparison tools to research whether the product you want to buy is the lowest price

On the Black Friday of 2019, 85% of the products were sold at the same or lower prices six months ago. You can use some price comparison tools to check the previous actual sales price of an item, so you can judge whether the item is worth buying. For example, CamelCamelCamel provides price history records of products sold on Amazon, while PriceRunner can view more products’ historical prices.

5. Pay attention to the regulation of merchants comparing prices in the Black Friday

John Lewis promised that their products’ prices would be lower than other high-street retailers (not including online retailers such as Amazon or That means that if you find that a product you bought in John Lewis is more expensive than other high-street retailers, you can apply to John Lewis for a refund of the price difference, and they may also agree to refund you the price difference.

6. Enter the payment information and shipping address first to ensure that you can grab your favourite products immediately

It is commonly known that Black Friday blockbusters will soon be sold out. If you want to grab your favourite products, you can enter the payment information and shipping address first. In this way, once the goods are available, you can complete the purchase as quickly as possible. You can also follow these businesses on social media or set up product availability reminders, and you can place an order as soon as possible.

7. In addition to enjoying Black Friday discounts, you can also use shopping cashback to save more

Make up your mind to chop your hands on Black Friday, in addition to checking whether the product is worth buying and whether the price is affordable. You can also get more cashback while purchasing the product through the cashback websites Quidco and Topcashback. These two websites provide cashback for transactions of more than 4,000 retailers.

8. Don’t disclose any unnecessary personal information

Some people only care about whether they have grabbed cheap things and ignore the network security. Some criminals will specifically use Black Friday to collect personal information.

Try to avoid clicking on suspicious e-mail links, do not click randomly if strange windows are popping up, and not shop on any websites that look unprofessional and incredibly expensive.

When shopping online, you only need to provide your name, address, and credit card information. If the merchant asks for some non-essential information, you should be wary.

9. Don’t ignore Cyber ​​Monday

Although businesses focus on launching numerous discounts on Black Friday, due to the particular circumstances this year, it may mean that there will be a little different.

If you didn’t buy your favourite product on Black Friday, some retailers, especially those who specialize in selling electronic products, may launch more discounts on Cyber ​​Monday. So, you might as well check on the weekend or the following Monday to see if there are any favourite products.

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