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A step-by-step guide to reading the lines of the hand (A Palmistry Tutorial)

Palmistry, also known as chiromancy, is the practice of looking at the shape of a person’s hands and the lines in their palms to learn about their life and personality. While there’s no scientific evidence that the lines of your palms really say anything about your life, palmistry can still be a fun hobby. If you want to interpret palm lines, you should first look at the main lines in the middle of the palm. Then see if you also have minor lines and learn how they can affect your life. As you become more adept at palmistry, you will be able to read other people’s hands and make predictions for them!

Interpret the main lines

Read from your dominant or active hand.

Start with your reading in the hand you use the most, because that’s your active hand. Your non-dominant hand is your passive hand, and it’s not usually read because the lines aren’t quite as clear at times. Hold your hand out in front of you, palm up, so you can see the lines clearly. Compare your active and passive hands to see if there are any differences. The lines in your passive hand are inherited traits, while the lines in your active hand show how hard you’ve worked to develop.

Read the lifeline to learn about your well-being and passion for life.

The life line is the long curved line that runs from your wrist around the ball of your thumb. It can depict certain experiences in your life and the influence they have or have had on your view of life. The length of the line shows how others are influencing your life, while the depth allows conclusions to be drawn as to whether you will face the rest of your life with ease. A short or very flat life line can mean that you get sick more often or feel weak. A deep and long life line could mean that you are very strong and rarely get sick. Check whether other small lines branch off from your lifeline, up or down. Branches up represent positive changes, branches down can indicate negative events. The lifeline says nothing about how old you will be. So don’t worry if it’s short.

Look at the header line to learn about your learning style and thirst for knowledge.

Find the head line that runs horizontally across your palm, just above your life line. A long head line can indicate that you approach tasks methodically, while a shorter line indicates impulsiveness. Also note how deep the line is, because a deep line can mean you have a great memory, while a faint line is an indication that you’re having trouble concentrating. If your head line is broken, it can indicate that you are facing mental hardships or have had many revelations and breakthroughs. Look at whether your head line is straight or curved. A curved line can indicate that you’re approaching problems creatively, while a straight line represents a more traditional approach. If your head line is connected to your life line, it can mean that you are thoughtful and introverted. The more closely connected the head line is to your life line, the more concerned and indecisive you may be.

Interpret your heart line to learn about your emotional stability.

The heart line, also known as the love line, is above the head line and runs horizontally across your palm. If it starts under your index finger, you’re probably happy with your relationships. However, when it starts under your middle finger, you’re often restless in relationships. A deeper heart line indicates that your relationships are very important to your life. The length of the heart line can indicate the duration of your relationships, with breaks and bifurcations representing different relationships. A curved heart line can mean that you are good at communicating with your partners. A straight line indicates that you are stable and approachable but may be shy and passive in relationships.

Tip: If your heart line and your head line overlap or cross, you have a simian line. In this case, you may have great difficulty separating your actions from your emotions.

Look at your destiny line to learn how your life is determined by external factors.

Your Line of Destiny is a vertical line that may run through the center of your palm. It shows how other people or events that you cannot control are affecting your life. If you have a clear destiny line, you have the distinct ability to make a career or start a business. A barely visible line means you’re working hard, but you’re always breaking new ground in your career. Itchy hands can be a sign that your life is about to change.

Read the secondary lines

Check the sun line to see if you might become famous or leave something big in the world.

The line of the sun, also known as the line of Apollo, is a vertical line that usually runs under your ring finger, fairly low down on your palm. A strong sun line signals that you will probably be very successful at some point and even have the potential to become famous. A faint sun line indicates that you are still developing your skills and working hard to be successful. If the line of the sun is broken, you will probably find success after overcoming some major hurdles.

Tip: You may not have a sun line at all. This means that you are a hard worker, but that you should also take a break every now and then and enjoy life.

Read your relationship line to learn how well you handle attachments.

The Relationship Line, or Marriage Line, is a small horizontal line that runs around the palm of your hand under your pinky. A long and deep line means you prefer long-term relationships, while short or faint lines mean you’re likely to have many relationships or renew old ties. When you have multiple relationship lines, you are very passionate in your relationships.

Interpret your intuition line to learn how well you can read other people.

It’s a curved line that starts just below your pinky finger and runs toward your wrist. If it’s very clear, you probably have a good sense of how others are feeling and can quickly tell if they’re feeling positive or negative. If you have breaks in your intuition line, it could mean that while you are very empathetic, you should also reflect on your own moods and emotions. Even if you don’t have an intuition line, that doesn’t mean you aren’t empathetic!

Look at the health line to find out how you care for others.

The health line is a diagonal or curved line that starts at the edge of your palm and ends at the center of your wrist. A long and distinct line of health means you are very mindful of others. Not every person has a health line, even without it you can take care of others very well. Breaks in your health line can represent illnesses that either you or someone close to you had in the past.

Look for a money line if you want to know about your financial future.

The money line is a short diagonal line that extends from the base of your pinky. A strong and straight line means that you invest wisely and will probably become quite wealthy later in life. Lines that are sparse and wavy suggest that you may need to work a little harder to get rich.

Explore the subordinate palms

Examine the Belt of Venus to learn more about your romantic insecurities.

The girdle of Venus is a curved line that goes around the base of your middle and ring fingers. If you have a prominent girdle of Venus, you live your life intensely and are very empathetic to others. A less pronounced belt of Venus indicates that you are a little insecure in your relationships and should work on trusting other people. A girdle of Venus can also indicate past trauma that caused you to lose your trust in other people, but you can rebuild that trust if you consciously work at it.

See if you can find a ring of Jupiter that says something about your leadership qualities.

Look at the base of your index finger. If there is a line around this point, you have the ring of Jupiter. If you can see it clearly, you are likely to be respected by others and shine whenever you are given a leadership role. If the ring isn’t very pronounced, you’ll need to work on your skills a bit to be successful. If you don’t have a ring of Jupiter at all, you can wear a ring on that finger to improve your chances.

Look for the ring of Saturn to find out if you get frustrated easily.

It runs around the base of your middle finger and can mean that you tend to be pessimistic. You get frustrated easily or feel like you just have too many obstacles to overcome. If you have a ring of Saturn, try to stay optimistic and have empathy for others, then the line might eventually disappear.

The Ring of Apollo shows how creative you are.

It’s a curved line around the base of your ring finger and is relatively rare. If you have it, you may be stifling your creativity and have a negative attitude. Work hard on yourself to achieve a more positive attitude and let your creativity flow to make the line fade away in the long run. If you have a Ring of Apollo, take up an artistic or creative hobby, such as drawing, painting, or writing.

Interpret the rings on your wrist to find a balance between the physical and mental self.

These lines run around your wrist and say a lot about how physically, mentally, and spiritually balanced you are. Clear, deep lines indicate that you are very balanced and will lead a happy life, while poorly defined lines indicate that there is some imbalance in your personality. If you’re male, you need to look at these lines on your left wrist. As a woman, look at the right hand.


There is no evidence that your hand lines can really be linked in any way to your life or personality.


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