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4 Ways to Make Him Miss Me Like Crazy

Sometimes you get so close in a relationship that at some point the fire between the partners is just an ember. To reignite the flames, it pays to make sure he misses you and remembers why he fell in love with you back then. Sometimes relationships end way earlier than they should. Make your boyfriend miss you and remind him of what it was like when you were newly in love. Create space for yourself, control communication and use subtle cues so that your friend learns to miss you and longs for your initial passion.

Limit communication

Stop calling or texting him.

If you keep calling or texting, he doesn’t have time to even think about missing you. Take a break from your daily phone calls and wait for him to text himself or try to reach you. If you suddenly stop reaching out, he will wonder why that is and it will make him think about you and miss you.

Wait a while before calling back or replying to his messages.

Most of the time when we like someone, we get terribly excited when the display shows a new message or a missed call, and we want to call them back and reply right away. But if you want a man to miss you, you have to make sure he can stare longingly at his phone screen for a while. If he calls, don’t answer, just let him go to voicemail. Wait a few minutes before calling him back, then call and say you couldn’t answer the phone right now because you were so busy. If you get a text message, you should wait about 5 to 10 minutes before replying. This way you give him time to wait for your message with heart-pounding, and he will surely also think about what you are doing without him.

Limit your social media posts.

If you’re the kind of person who keeps everyone and everything up to date on everything they’re doing, then you might want to hold off a bit in the future. Such social media posts are an easy way for other people to stay in touch with you. But those who stay in touch with you all the time will hardly be able to miss you. If you give fewer insights into your life, the man is more likely to miss you because he cannot know exactly what is going on in your life. Also, keep communication with him on social media to a minimum. If you use social media to talk to him when you’re not together, then completely withdraw from there for a while. He’ll wonder what might have happened, yearn to hear from you, and hopefully reach out of his own accord.

Always be the one to end a conversation.

Make a habit of hanging up first after you’ve talked and let him send the last message in a conversation. This is particularly effective if you have always been the last to send a “good night”. By ending the conversation, he will want more and more and he will have to think about you until he can talk to you again. This longing for more contact with you will drive him downright crazy!

Use subliminal cues

Find one

Typical Find a subtle scent that you can wear every time you are with the man. He’ll very soon start associating this scent directly with you, causing him to be able to miss you with an even wider sense. If you’re not with him, he’ll miss your scent and long to be able to smell you again. Be careful not to apply too much, as an overpowering smell will only accomplish the opposite of what you intended. Wear just enough for him to smell the scent when he gets close to you. To trigger this effect with a scent, you must always wear the same scent when you’re together. This tactic also works if you want to make your ex miss you. If you wear the same scent to an encounter that you have been using during your relationship, he will immediately associate that scent with your time together.

Be mysterious and surprising.

If you are an open book to a man from the first meeting, you will have a hard time surprising him later. Instead, you should only tell him one interesting detail about yourself each time you meet him. He’ll want to know more about you, and he’ll be excited to see what he finds out next. Be spontaneous. If you usually go out to dinner or a movie on your dates, spontaneously invite him out for something a little more adventurous like a trip to the rock climbing gym. He’ll find your spontaneity very exciting and he’ll wonder what you’ll think of next.

“Forget” little things in his car or at his house.

If you happen to leave any of your personal items with him, it will remind him of you permanently. If he is reminded of you, he will think of you and will miss you. This reminder strategy works best with small personal things that you don’t need every day. A hairbrush Jewelry Make-up A pen or notebook A small picture

Go when it’s most beautiful.

If you’re going out with your boyfriend, you should always leave when it’s particularly nice so that he keeps wanting more from you. More kisses, more laughs, more fun, more conversations – you just have to make sure he never gets enough of you. You can do this by taking time for yourself and setting clear time limits for your meetings. Keep conversations short because you have to be home by a certain time. Just give him one sweet kiss goodbye so he dreams of kissing you again all night. Show self-discipline when it comes to your goodbye times. You probably would like to spend more time with him too, but you should still go at the originally planned time so that he too can long to see you again soon.

Be independent

Create a certain distance between you two.

But don’t overdo it or he’ll think you’re not interested anymore! A man can’t miss you if you’re always available for him. A great way to make him miss you is to put some distance between the two of you. If you usually spend every minute together throughout the weekend, why not take some time to yourself without him. Spend a Friday night alone at home or with friends instead of hanging out with your boyfriend. At first, he might enjoy the time away from you, but as your solo outings become a habit, he’ll miss you very soon.

Go out with your friends too and tell him about it.

Now, instead of going on dates, you can start going out with your friends and having fun — and tell him about it afterwards. He’ll probably be happy for you, but will also be a little jealous because you’re having so much fun without him. If you spend a few weekends in a row with your friends, then very soon your friend will realize that he would actually rather be the one you do all these things with. This also works well with an ex-boyfriend. When an ex sees that you are having fun and enjoying your life without them, they will wish they could still be a part of your life.

Take advantage of social media and post there about all the things that you do completely independently of any guys.

Post pictures and status updates about how much fun you’re having. This is a very effective technique when you want an ex-boyfriend to miss you. Make it clear how much you enjoy your life alone, and your ex will beg to be with you again because he misses you so much. Don’t overdo it and don’t fake posts. Just show how much fun you have going out with friends and doing your own things.

Dress up and meet him.

Treat yourself to a new hairstyle and new clothes that will make you feel and look even more amazing. Open up pretzels and then meet up with your friend somewhere. He will be surprised to see you like this and he will surely want to see more. If you want your ex to miss you, show off your new look somewhere you know it will show up sooner or later. Stride past him with confidence, looking incredibly gorgeous and independent. He will wish you were still with him and he will miss your time together.

When is it time to try something?

Make him miss you and see how special you are.

Flirt with another man by dressing well, using sweet perfume, showing him that you’re socializing, etc. This can help show him that you’re interested and interesting. It’s always good to make it seem like you’re hard to get, as long as you’re not trying too hard to get his attention.

If you want more, speak to him directly and personally.

If he misses you, it can quickly change his mind. However, if you wait too long to reply to his text messages or turn down his invitations too often, he may become bored and withdrawn. This can also be the case if you remind him too often how much fun you can have without him. Better tell him how you really feel.

Don’t try to manipulate him by making him miss you.

It’s normal to want your ex to miss you after you’ve broken up, especially if you’re the one who got dumped. However, if you focus too much on making him miss you, this could be a step backwards. You will only focus on what he thinks instead of moving on with your life. If you just ended your relationship, give yourself and him a break and don’t try to manipulate him.


It may be some time before your boyfriend starts missing you. Don’t be surprised or sad if it doesn’t work the first time. For many men it is the case that they first enjoy the time to themselves and then realize after a few days that they are missing something. Along with the other strategies, you can use subtle touches to get him thinking about you. When you’re with him, you can casually touch him or run your hands through his hair when you say goodbye. Be confident and confident. Allowing yourself a little more freedom in your relationship or meeting up with your ex again after a breakup requires self-confidence – after all, you want to be able to credibly convey that you are happy with your independence.


If you take some space in a relationship and he doesn’t start missing you, then maybe you need to talk seriously about your relationship. Reconnect with him and find out how it made him feel that you distanced yourself so much before. Every relationship is different and every man is different. Some of these strategies can actually hurt him, so always be careful and respect his feelings. You want to distance yourself a little to give him a chance to miss you; you don’t want to play with his feelings. If you want an ex-boyfriend to miss you, then you first have to be sure that he actually still wants to be in contact with you. This tactic works best when the split came from both sides and went peacefully. If it was a bad breakup, the first thing you should do is take some time for yourself.


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