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15 simple ways to snapchat with a girl

Snapping a girl can be just as nerve-wracking as talking to her in person. The first step in connecting is to add them to Snapchat and start with a few casual Snaps. After you start snapping more regularly, you can continue the conversation with affinities, comments, and more. Use features like filters to add variety, humor, and creativity to your Snaps.

Establish a connection

Add them on Snapchat.

Open Snapchat and tap the ghost icon at the top of the screen. Select “Add Friends” from the resulting menu. After that, you can add them with their username, through your phone’s contacts (although you’ll need to already have their number to do this), or with a special Snapchat code. If you don’t have their username, number, or Snapchat code, you can still add them. Just look for her in a mutual friend’s friend list. Avoid following her on multiple platforms in the same day, like Snapchat, Twitter, and Instagram. That may come across as obtrusive.

Send her a few casual snaps a few days after you add her.

Wait a few days before sending the first snap. Snapping them right away might look a little desperate. Then, every other day, snap them up with things like your dog eating snow, street performers, and that pile of math homework you got. If you regularly send her casual snaps, she’ll expect to hear from you at some point. This will develop on its own into more snaps in the future.

Gradually increase the frequency of your snaps.

As you get to know them better through your casual snapping, you’ll start exchanging snaps more frequently. Sending a bunch of snaps too soon could be a break. However, if she continues to reply, she probably wants to continue the conversation.

Adjust your responses to the situation for a natural conversation.

If she answers you, let the conversation develop as if you were talking to her in person. Ask her questions about the things she is saying to show her that you are listening. Use your Snaps to paint her a picture of what you like, what you do, and what’s important to you.

Avoid overworked and exaggerated language.

Phrases like “Hey, what’s up,” “What are you up to?”, and “How’s it going?” don’t grab their attention and may go unread. Weird and overly silly comments could also cause her to ignore your Snaps. Try snapping her a cowboy hat picture with the message “Howdy” instead of “Hey, what’s up.” Aim for a friendly, interested, playful tone of voice. For example, you could write to a snap from the passing police, “They’ll never catch me!”

Continue the conversation

Connect through things you have in common.

Things that you both enjoy are easier to talk about. Think about their hobbies, their clubs, and their goals. Each of these could be a stepping stone to a full Snapchat conversation. A few common areas you might explore include: art books music school television

Tell a story with your Snaps.

This is one way to engage them in the messages you send. For example, if there is a rush of activity behind you, you could pretend to be fleeing the crowd. Use Snaps from your empty workspace with a witty text (“Very busy”) to get her interested. Show her how things change throughout the day. For example, you could take snaps early in your shift, during the lunch hour rush, and before you go home to show her how busy you’ve been.

Comment on their Snapchat stories.

Only comment on them once in a while if you’re just starting to snap. Post more comments as you start snapping more. You don’t have to be funny or crazy about it. For example, in a story about her playing with her dog, you could say, “That’s the cutest dog I’ve ever seen.” Comments are a great opportunity to ask her casual questions. If you notice that she’s been to a concert, you could ask, “What other concerts would you like to go to?” She’ll likely reply, and you can start a music conversation.

Create opportunities for entertainment.

Send her a Snap every time your favorite song comes on the radio. That way, when she hears the song, she’ll send you a snap, giving you a chance to snap more. Some other Snaps that are useful for creating conversational opportunities include: Cute animals Shared favorites (like cars, books, and food) Familiar places (like classrooms and buildings) Familiar people (like mutual friends)

Take it easy on ignored snaps.

In general, people take snaps less seriously than they do texting or calling. Because of this, many snaps go unseen. If your snaps are being ignored, don’t take it personally. Don’t feel obligated to respond to Snaps when you’re busy.

Use features and respect boundaries

Filter your snaps for comical and artistic effects.

There are many visual and audio filters on Snapchat that you can use to modify Snaps. For example, you could send the deer filter along with a snap of you and the message “I’m hungry, are you?” You can access filters by going to camera mode, tapping and holding your face, and swiping left. Snapchat regularly releases new filters. Experiment with the variety of filters available to find your favorites.

Use the streak to your advantage.

By snapping daily, you eventually build a streak. This is an automatic function. Like most Snapchat users, she’ll probably want to keep the streak alive. This creates even more opportunities for you to talk to her. By gradually building up the frequency of your snaps, you can get a streak started unnoticed.

Respect their boundaries.

Because Snapchat broadcasts videos, sometimes boundaries can be crossed. Some people might think that going around without a t-shirt isn’t a big deal, but for others, it might be disrespectful. Sending inappropriate messages on Snapchat could result in your account being banned. Although this may be different for some, in general, intimate snaps are frowned upon in your story.

Add links to your Snaps.

As you make adjustments to your Snap, you should see a paperclip icon on the right side of your screen. Tapping this will allow you to add links. Use links to add memes, websites, Rick Astley and more. The link feature is perfect if you just snapped her a picture of something she wants to buy. For example, you could include a link where she can buy the shoes you just snapped.

Surprise her with a silly voice.

Vocal filters can hate you having a cute squeaky voice, a robust deep voice like a robot, and more. Access these filters by tapping the speaker icon in the lower-left corner of the screen.

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